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Sea Ceremony:

My morning ceremony, in which I go to the sea and see how each day it changes, reminding me that it's all alive and beautiful.

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I have always loved the sea and most of my life lived by the sea, but only a while ago I realized it is my true soul-reviver. When I understood that, I started going to the sea every morning and it became my sea ceremony. This is the first and only habit I have ever been able to adapt to my mornings, and so far I'm sticking to it. 


Each morning I can see how the sky looks different and the color of the water changes, how waves come and go and dirt comes and goes and people come and go and birds and fish and jellyfish too. Sometimes it's rainy and windy and I'm all by myself, and some days the sun is burning my nose and the beach is packed with people. And every morning, no matter how good or bad I feel, it's my sea and it waits for me, to help me stop for a moment and look around and remember that it's all alive and beautiful.

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